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Greer Amps Announces New Products



Greer Amps have released the 390 Vintage OD/Preamp, and the new 2014 edition Ghetto Stomp. The 390 is based on the old school DOD 250, but with a number of improvements, to make it blend with your rig better, and sound awesome. The 2014 edition Ghetto Stomp is powder coated and screen printed, with a bit more treble and gain than the hand painted version. Both pedals are hand-wired by us, here in Athens, GA. Visit www.greeramps.com to get your tone on!

Deren Ney of Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers

(Photo by Jason Charme ©2013

(Photo by Jason Charme ©2013)

Deren Ney is what I like to call a “guitarist’s guitarist.”  A player who obviously has the chops, but plays what fits the song.  The song comes first.  That’s not to say he can’t rip…He can!  If you have a chance to catch a Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers show, chances are you left there quite impressed with Deren’s playing.  He weaves in and out of blues, country, soul, rock, roots and back around again.  VTB was lucky enough to have a few minutes to talk with Deren between tour dates…

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A Conversation with bree

bree01Emerging rock star, bree, has taken Nashville by storm and if she has her way… the world is next!  She fronts a rockin’ power trio and has just recently released her debut album, “All American Girl.”  (Available on iTunes and Amazon) It’s been getting rave reviews and people are happy to see that Rock is still alive and well in the music city!  Volume Treble Bass had the pleasure of asking bree a few questions and found her to be as charming and witty as she is talented.

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