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Here’s how you and Just Nick can make some more guitar lesson vids!

We share a lot of Just Nick’s videos here on Volume Treble Bass and he also writes a column for us entitled, “JUST PLAY.” ¬†Nick really puts a lot into his videos, so let’s help him keep making them!

From Just Nick: ¬†“I want my lesson vids to remain free, and I want to make a lot more of them in funk, rock, soul, and R&B styles. I’m a working musician so I could use your help. Go to http://Patreon.com/justnick and consider pledging a couple bucks toward each new video. The site works well, is secure and makes it possible for you to easily and automatically donate as each new vid is posted. Also there’s some cool rewards for $4 and $10 pledge levels. As always, THANK YOU!”

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