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Builder’s Profile: Anthony Roos of At Mars Amps

Tell us about the history of At Mars?

at mars 010 After playing and buying tube amps over the years the either didn’t sound right or work right, I decided to try and build something for myself so I could have some control over both of those issues. After completing one project I would put it up for sale in order the fund the next. The feedback was usually favorable after something was sold, and that’s how At Mars began



What’s your background?

I have been playing guitar and tinkering with things since I was a kid.

What was the first product you offered for sale?

The Specialist head was the first product.

at mars6

Which has been the most popular?

There are still more Specialist heads out there than anything else.
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Greg Martin of the Kentucky HeadHunters

You probably know Greg Martin as the lead guitarist for the Grammy Award winning Kentucky HeadHunters, but he’s a lot more than that! Possessing what I believe to be the absolute best Les Paul tone I’ve ever heard, he’s also involved in some killer side projects and even hosts his own radio show. I was lucky enough to get the chance to talk with Greg recently, and we talked about these things and so much more.  He is one interesting cat!


(Photo by Rick Rhipps)

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A Conversation with bree

bree01Emerging rock star, bree, has taken Nashville by storm and if she has her way… the world is next!  She fronts a rockin’ power trio and has just recently released her debut album, “All American Girl.”  (Available on iTunes and Amazon) It’s been getting rave reviews and people are happy to see that Rock is still alive and well in the music city!  Volume Treble Bass had the pleasure of asking bree a few questions and found her to be as charming and witty as she is talented.

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