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Golden Boxes and Golden Ears are a Boring Lie

just play5

“Golden Boxes and Golden Ears are a Boring Lie”

I admit it: I spend too much time reading about gear on forums. I should be making more music instead. For some reason I find the endless repetition of themes relaxing: “What pedal do I need?” “What amp is the BEST?” “Check out my RIG!” I like to get a sense of how others are experiencing music making and what can only be described as a golden age of guitar gear.

For the most part it’s all more or less fun. Forum chatter is a way to connect musically with people, share our varied senses of gear style, and from time to time learn something new. But there’s a dimension to some threads and discussions that gets me down and occasionally even pisses me off: mystification of music, musicians, and the tools we use.

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