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A Guitar for John Oates – Parts 1 & 2

Will Kelly, monthly Repair Columnist for Vintage Guitar Magazine, builds a very special guitar for John Oates. Designed by John, this one of a kind hand built guitar is made using rare, 50,000 year old Kauri wood from New Zealand. From raw wood to being played live in concert, this guitar’s story is fascinating and mesmerizing!



To view Will Kelly’s YouTube Channel,  Click Here

Greg Martin of the Kentucky HeadHunters

You probably know Greg Martin as the lead guitarist for the Grammy Award winning Kentucky HeadHunters, but he’s a lot more than that! Possessing what I believe to be the absolute best Les Paul tone I’ve ever heard, he’s also involved in some killer side projects and even hosts his own radio show. I was lucky enough to get the chance to talk with Greg recently, and we talked about these things and so much more.  He is one interesting cat!


(Photo by Rick Rhipps)

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