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Just Nick: Hudson Electronics Broadcast Pre-Amp OD

Hudson Electronics:  https://hudsonelectronicsuk.com/

This class A transformer coupled germanium preamp is based on some of the most sought after console preamps of the 60’s. It can function as a tone sweetener and clean boost but it does so much more! An incredibly responsive, dynamic low to medium gain OD that sounds amazing into a clean or overdriving amp.

“Just Nick” Jaffe is a musician, recording engineer, teacher and editor.   In addition to being a member of several bands and sharing stages with some well known names in the industry, he’s also made a name for himself with his incredible video gear demos and lessons.  Nick was based for many years in Chicago and is now based in Saint Paul, MN.

You can find JustNick’s gear demos and unique play-along lesson videos at youtube.com/justnickmusic. You can support his lessons (so he can make lots more) at patreon.com/justnick