Guitar Video Of The Week: Jeff Beck Group – “Definitely Maybe”

For this week’s installment of the “Guitar Video Of The Week“- we’ve got the Jeff Beck Group and “Definitely Maybe.”  This was the last track from the 1972 Steve Cropper produced Jeff Beck Group album.   It was the second album to feature the lineup of Beck, Bobby Tench on vocals and 2nd guitar, Clive Chaman on bass, Max Middleton on keyboards and Cozy Powell on drums.


It was sometimes referred to as the Orange Album due to the orange that appears at the top of the album’s cover.


2 responses to “Guitar Video Of The Week: Jeff Beck Group – “Definitely Maybe”

  1. Wow, some beautiful guitar playing right there! I was lost into it deeply!

  2. Went to school with Clive.
    Is he still in florida?

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