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Andertons: Paul Gilbert, Steve Lukather, John Petrucci, Steve Morse Crash Ernie Ball at NAMM

Paul GIlbert, Steve Lukather, John Petrucci, Steve Morse and Sterling Ball all ended up crashing our walk through the Ernie Ball booth!

To find out more about their latest gear go here:

For all other releases from NAMM click here:

For tickets to the Paul Gilbert Clinic in March (Guildford) click here:

A Guitar for John Oates – Parts 1 & 2

Will Kelly, monthly Repair Columnist for Vintage Guitar Magazine, builds a very special guitar for John Oates. Designed by John, this one of a kind hand built guitar is made using rare, 50,000 year old Kauri wood from New Zealand. From raw wood to being played live in concert, this guitar’s story is fascinating and mesmerizing!



To view Will Kelly’s YouTube Channel,  Click Here

Here’s how you and Just Nick can make some more guitar lesson vids!

We share a lot of Just Nick’s videos here on Volume Treble Bass and he also writes a column for us entitled, “JUST PLAY.”  Nick really puts a lot into his videos, so let’s help him keep making them!

From Just Nick:  “I want my lesson vids to remain free, and I want to make a lot more of them in funk, rock, soul, and R&B styles. I’m a working musician so I could use your help. Go to and consider pledging a couple bucks toward each new video. The site works well, is secure and makes it possible for you to easily and automatically donate as each new vid is posted. Also there’s some cool rewards for $4 and $10 pledge levels. As always, THANK YOU!”

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Your Three Favorite Guitarists


Since this blog is brand new, we thought we’d try to get to know some of the people who are following us.  And what better way than to find out who some of your favorite guitarists are!  Now this isn’t a “Who’s the best of all-time” thing… just YOUR favorites!

For the record, my favorites are:
1. Steve Cropper
2. Cornell Dupree
3. Leo Nocentelli

So, comment below with your three favorite guitarists and share this with your friends!

– T-Bone


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